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Auckland, New Zealand

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Our Services

  • Repairs and Recores 
        Quality and prompt service
  • Cleanouts
        By experience mechanics
  • Automotive Water Pumps
        Systems check, repairs and new
  • Exchange & Custom made
        Highest quality products used
  • Complete Fitting Service
        With over 60 years experience

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Welcome to
Western Radiators 

Western Radiators provides the highest quality products and guaranteed workmanship.Our Radiator Shop professionals will clean, flush and overhaul radiators on all cars, trucks and industrialequipment. With many years of experience in radiator service and repair and approved by all major insurance companies.

Raditor Services
  • Free pick up & delivery
  • Same day service
  • Free cooling system checks

  • Wynns cooling system flush machine
  • Courtesy service for customers
  • Conditions apply